Episode Seventy Six - In Your House
In 1995 to answer the refreshed vision of WCW led by the ambitious Eric Bischoff, Vince McMahon and the WWF would react to the increase in the Wrestling ppv market with the launch of In Your House. On May 14th 1995 the very first In Your House was delivered live, on pay per view. In your Face, in Your House! The event was main evented by Big Daddy Cool Diesel and Psycho Sid and the rest is consigned to a chin lock worthy place in wrestling infamy! Did the very first pay per view live up to the hype, would it launch a new wave of high standard wrestling pay per views to come? Well join the Better Call Creative lads as they hope back 27 years to the day, to review this 2 hour show! A Show that included a debut, a handicap match, two Bret Hart matches, and the give away...of a house! It could only be 1995 WWF, and we are knee deep in the New Generation Era! Somebody call creative please!