Food/drink/travel writer and curator Ali Dunworth is no stranger to the Best Possible Taste.

In this interview, Ali gives an insight into her first book “A Compendium of Irish Pints: The Culture, Customs and Craic” which is published by Nine Bean Rows Books with illustrations by Stephen Heffernan AKA Hephee.

In Ireland, a pint – having one, going for one, buying one – is a cultural institution. It’s so much more than 568ml of beer in a glass. But how did a simple pint become such a phenomenon? Like all great superheroes, the pint has its own origin story, a full-bodied narrative that explains how the beloved beverage came into being and part of everyday life.

In A Compendium of Irish Pints, journalist (and pint lover) Ali Dunworth delves into the culture, customs and craic surrounding pints in Ireland. Beginning with the birth of beer and traversing through Ireland’s unique drinking journey from the Brehon Laws to invasions, Ali shares why ‘going for a pint’ means so much more than just going for a pint. From the ubiquitous airport and after-work pints to the importance of beer mats, seeking out pints in snugs, discussing hangovers or eating crisps for dinner, Ali leaves no type of pint unturned (or undrunk!). Covering etiquette to expressions, pints for celebrations and pints for commiserations, festival pints, old man’s pubs and everything in between, A Compendium of Irish Pints shows why this popular beverage is integral to Irish society and why it has been migrating further afield.

With illustrations by Stephen Heffernan, aka Hephee, that perfectly captures the culture of pints in his iconic style, you’ll find yourself working up a thirst and sending that text we all love to get: ‘Fancy a pint?’

Ali's book is available to buy at the following link: