Another jam-packed week on BEHIND THE LENS thanks to our special guests writer/director ANDREW LYMAN-CLARKE and writers/directors DAVID BAKER and JUSTIN R. SMITH.

But first, take a listen to our exclusive interview with filmmakers JOE & ANTHONY RUSSO! Not ones to sit on their laurels with the MCU, Joe and Anthony have expanded their cinematic endeavors with their new company AGBO Films. Creating a mecca for collaboration and mentorship for writers, directors, producers, editors, and more, not to mention an expanse fully equipped with stages, post-production facilities, and in-house screening rooms, the aim of AGBO is to create thoughtful stories and quality films. The first film produced by the Russos under the AGBO banner is 21 BRIDGES starring Chadwick Boseman who also serves as a "boots on the ground" producer. We go in-depth talking about 21 BRIDGES, and their all-inclusive involvement with the production, bringing in veteran cinematographer Paul Cameron, first-time feature helmer Brian Kirk, long-time collaborator composer Henry Jackman, working with scribe Matt Carnahan, the power and magic of Boseman, casting, and more.

Then writer/director ANDREW LYMAN-CLARKE joins us live talking about his new film NIGHT SWEATS. Inspired by true events, Andrew draws us into the world of an average everyday Joe named Yuri who watches his friend suddenly die from a mysterious illness akin to Mad Cow Disease. Yuri's questioning of the "how" and "why" of the death only intensifies as others start dying while he exhibits debilitating symptoms himself.

Rounding out the show are writers/directors DAVID BAKER and JUSTIN R. SMITH talking their powerful new documentary SAVING ATLANTIS, focusing on the importance of coral reefs around the world and the adverse effects of global warming on their health and existence. Diving right into the project, David and Justin talk about their own filmmaking learning curve with this documentary given they had to not only learn how to scuba dive but obtain scientific certification.