We’ve all faced that moment: feeling called to something, have a desire for something, and thinking “nah, that can’t be for me it’s too _____.” We’ve been there. The crazy difficult or different calling.
“Why would God choose me to do that?”
“What would people think?”
Today, Angela Braniff joins us to chat through her calling, how it’s crazy different, unique and beautiful all at the same time and how her bold “yes” changed everything. It’s easy to opt out, say “ehh” or pass it off to someone else. But, what could happen, what would you learn, how much goodness would you see if you said “yes?”

Angela Braniff is the founder of the popular YouTube channel, This Gathered Nest.  She is an adoption advocate, home school mom, content creator, podcast host, and adventure seeker. Angela is married to her high-school sweetheart and together they have a full house:  Kennedy (12) - their biological daughter, Shelby (10) - their 2nd biological daughter, Rosie (7) - adopted from China, Noah (7) - adopted from Congo, Jonah (5) - adopted domestically, and finally, Ivy + Amelia (18-month old twins) - adopted as embryos—Angela gave birth to them! Adding to their family of seven kids, after the book was finished, Angela and CR welcomed their eighth child, Benjamin, through adoption. Angela lives in North Carolina and has been featured in People, Today, UPTV, BuzzFeed, etc.

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