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You love a quiz, I love a quiz, we all bloody love a quiz and just as an extra bonus Gaz didn't get leathered on black Russians and start abusing the host. We trialled an idea that we've had for a quiz that we'll do a couple of times a year. In the future, Beans will host and Gaz and Andy will take on guest opponents and we'll actually bother to keep the score. The concept? Well we've basically ripped off Qi and made it a bit more sh*t. We ask questions where the answers are, for the most part, entirely unexpected. In this trial run. Gaz takes on friend of the show and oftentimes guest host, Dave to see who can do the least worst. Play along at home and get involved with the listener question mid-way through the show! Did you know that you can get 20% off at just by listening to this episode. Use the Promo code (UK only) TALLBOYRADIO at check-out. The opening music is "London Bayou" by Oscar Albis Rodruigez and the closing music is "BDS" by Lewis Pickford. This episode is also available on YouTube tallboyradio.comĀ