In today's episode:

More on what the ballot deficit in Maricopa County might trigger in election fraud narrative and how things may happen faster than we expect

Many, if not most, of our fellow citizens are under the impression that the 'recounts' and 'audits' we're told have been done across the country include something as basic as full hand recounts, but they don't, and this realization will be powerful

How the 'no deals' paradigm slows down the process, but also helps to avoid the worst possible outcomes

The media and members of the Democrat Communist Party are pretending that they have found another silver bullet to end the whole 'Trump thing', but they're the ones in the precarious position

Brian Cates lays out the whole scenario concerning the investigations into Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, both of whom are criminals, traitors, and overwhelmingly compromised by the Chinese Communist Party