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From Last Bad Day to Rippling Kindness: The Accident that Could have Ended Everything

Be Informed. Be Well. With John Malanca

English - September 19, 2023 13:00 - 48 minutes - 33.5 MB
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Join in as Host John Malanca meets with guest Michael O’Brien who shares an incredible story about never giving up and what he calls his “Last Bad Day”. In the summer of 2001, John’s guest, Michael O’Brien, experienced a horrific bicycle crash. While out on his daily bike ride, an SUV traveling at 40 mph crossed into his lane and struck him head-on, forever altering his life as he knew it. Medical professionals were shocked that he survived and told him that he’d likely never ride again. In 2022, Michael completed a 41-day, 3,600-mile bike ride across the United States, proving all of them wrong. Today, Michael is a meditation teacher, author, executive coach, and creator of the Pause Breathe Reflect app, which invites users to meditate and take time out to stop a bad moment from becoming a very bad day. Join in to hear this remarkable story of a healing journey, the benefits of being mindful, and how to have a meditation practice yourself! Never Give Up! 

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