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Life as a creative is different and so are the challenges – professionally and personally. Gain fresh insights from some of the most creative minds on the planet, people such as Seth Godin, John Lee Dumas, Drew Holcomb, Sleeping At Last & More! Hosted by Caleb Peavy. Produced by Unmutable.

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What's Stopping You?

July 29, 2020 07:00 - 23 minutes - 32.3 MB

Welcome to Season 2. After a long hiatus, the Be Creative Podcast is back. In this episode, you'll learn a few of the roadblocks that may be stopping your creativity. Hear about the podcast's future. And hopefully, find a little nugget to help you on your creative journey. Hosted by Caleb Peavy. This podcast is powered by Unmutable™ (

015. Creative Business Blueprint with Shanna Skidmore

January 08, 2018 10:00 - 1 hour - 89.3 MB

Creatives hate talking about money. But you can't avoid talking finances for business. Shanna gives us the lowdown on how to take hold of this area in our lives and talks about developing a blueprint for your creative business.    Website –   Business Blueprint –  

014. Sleeping at Last on Film Music and Songwriting

November 27, 2017 17:31 - 1 hour - 92 MB

Ever wonder what it's like to write music for TV and Film? Sleeping at Last (aka Ryan O'Neal) tells us what it's like to produce songs for the Super Bowl and the blockbuster saga, Twilight. Website – Facebook – Spotify –  

013. Managing Creative Teams with Ben Stapley

November 27, 2017 15:42 - 27 minutes - 37.2 MB

Do you lead a creative team or have you been struggling with people who just don’t understand the creative process? Ben Stapley shares his secrets of how to have creative success. 4 Principles for a Creative Success: Realistic Resources Realistic Deadlines Scheduled Training Opportunities to Fail Links: Website – Facebook –  

012. Creating Music with Drew Holcomb

October 23, 2017 09:00 - 36 minutes - 50 MB

Making a living as a creative can be difficult. Drew Holcomb shares his journey in the music world and gives practical advice to anyone who wants to be a professional creative. Links: Website – Spotify – iTunes – Magnolia Record Club –  

011. Called to Create with Jordan Rayner

October 04, 2017 13:54 - 43 minutes - 59.3 MB

Jordan Raynor is a serial entrepreneur and bestselling author who leads a growing community of Christians following God's call to create. He currently serves as the CEO of the venture-backed tech startup, Threshold 360. In his energizing new book, serial entrepreneur and bestselling author Jordan helps artists, entrepreneurs, writers, and others creatives reimagine their work as service to God and others.   Links: Website – Facebook – https://www.faceboo...

010. Capturing the Eclipse with Bryan Minear

September 26, 2017 08:00 - 43 minutes - 59.9 MB

Wonder what it was like to capture the solar eclipse? Bryan Minear shares the behind the scenes of his viral eclipse photo and the struggles and challenges that it brought. Links: Website – Instagram – Unsplash – Fuji Film –  

009. FOCUS with John Lee Dumas,

August 29, 2017 09:00 - 19 minutes - 26.8 MB

FOCUS is an issue that almost every creative struggles with. John Lee Dumas teaches us how we can FOCUS on our tasks and get them D-O-N-E. John is the creator of the chart-topping EOFire podcast as well as the Mastery & Freedom journals. "If I can focus on one task at a time, block out all other distractions … I can get a lot of stuff done intraday that is actually moving my ball forward." – John Lee Dumas on Be Creative Podcast Learn more about JLD Website – T...

008. Discover Creative North with Seth Godin

August 22, 2017 17:24 - 27 minutes - 38.3 MB

Seth Godin has been a marketing guru for decades. In this episode, he unpacks the subtleties of what it means to be professional creative. Grab a pen and paper because this whole episode is jam packed with content that you'll want to remember for years to come! Learn more about Seth at  Seth is also the founder of AltMBA – learn more at To download your FREE marketing guide visit 

007. YouTube, Creative Insecurity, and Film with Matt Johnson,

August 16, 2017 14:17 - 53 minutes - 73.1 MB

Let’s be honest. Most creatives have watched countless tutorials on YouTube. In this episode, we all get a glimpse of Matt Johnson, AKA We talk all things creative and filmmaking. But one of the best discussions we had was about creative insecurity. This is a subject that a lot of us deal with. Maybe it’s even why we watch so many tutorials on YouTube. Learn how to deal with your own creative insecurities and you’ll laugh this entire episode – it’s hilarious.   Find Matt o...

006. Writing with Purpose with Margaret Feinberg

August 07, 2017 18:34 - 34 minutes - 47.3 MB

Have you ever wanted to write a book? I know I have! But honestly it can be very overwhelming. Today’s guest, Margaret Feinberg, shares her 5 questions that you should ask yourself BEFORE you write your book. And she’s sold over 1 million copies in her career. So she knows her stuff! Get access to Margaret's FREE videos – Learn more about Write Brilliant –   Margaret's 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Writing a Book Do people...

005. I Was Wrong...

July 24, 2017 16:43 - 20 minutes - 28.4 MB

We all have good intentions sometimes that can be just plain wrong. Caleb discusses how easy it can be to miss the mark with your own marketing. And yes, he candidly shares from recent experience. Learn more at

004. Pursuing Your Creative Passions with Jessica N. Turner

November 30, 2015 13:57 - 38 minutes - 35.3 MB

Jessica N. Turner is the founder of the popular lifestyle blog The Mom Creative, where she documents her pursuit of cultivating a life well crafted. She is a writer for HuffPost Parents,, and DaySpring’s (in)courage. She’s also an advocate for World Vision, a regular speaker at conferences nationwide, and an award-winning marketing professional. She and her husband, Matthew, live with their three young children in Nashville, Tennessee.

003. Better Together, A Creative Journey With Wedding Photographers Phillip and Eileen Blume

July 02, 2015 11:06 - 41 minutes - 38 MB

Phillip & Eileen Blume are a creative duo who are leaders in the photography community.  WPPI and being featured on Creative Live are just a few recent stops for these creative wedding photographers.  They also have generously offered a free course of how to make $1500 per hour with mini sessions.   Phillip & Eileen BlumeINSTAGRAM - @phillipblumeWEBSITE - For Photographers -   Special Offer From The Blumes!!INFO to share:...

002. How Creativity Affects Your Instagram Feed with Melody Munn of Melody Joy Designs

June 25, 2015 11:57 - 30 minutes - 28.3 MB

Melody Munn is a professional Instagramer who loves coffee, designing awesome phone cases, and providing hope and inspiration to her followers.  She creatively combines her passion for people and design into positive messages of encouragement.   INSTAGRAM - @melodyjoymunnWEBSITE - CASETIFY PROMO CODE - J2FX3ERESOURCE - Highlights“Never be discouraged if it doesn’t happen quickly because great things definitely take time.”Keep going.  Don’t get di...

001. Discovering Your Creative Outlet With Photographer Kaitie Bryant and Gather Workshop

June 19, 2015 13:11 - 44 minutes - 40.6 MB

Kaitie Bryant is a photographer, creative consultant, and partner of the Gather Workshop.  She loves innovation, storefront design and has a bright and fun personality to go along with her great advice on creative.

000. Creative Ground Zero The Origin Story

June 18, 2015 09:05 - 7 minutes - 6.82 MB

This is the first ever episode of the Be Creative Podcast.  I, Caleb Peavy, give you a little insight into what brought me to this moment by sharing my story.


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