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English - March 18, 2023 22:00 - 43 minutes - 30 MB
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I am so excited to have Lou Fitz the founder of The Anxiety Project as my guest.  We have such a real, authentic chat about all things "anxiety". Lou shares her stories around her journey with anxiety, especially when she became a mumma.

We both talk openly about how anxiety has affected our lives at times.

Lou's passion around supporting mumma's/women with anxiety and all the tools, tips and tricks to thrive whilst living with anxiety.  To help you move OUT of anxiety and INTO Confidence.

Follow Lou @TheAnxietyProject.   And reach out to her for any support, she is a powerhouse.

Lou also has an awesome Podcast "Getting Vulnerable" 

Listen Here "Getting Vulnerable"

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Much Love
Donna - Bub2sleep

Produced by Sophie Jackson (@soundstreetworld)