We venture back into the Asha Logos series called Our Subverted History (found on YouTube) as we attempt to trace the origins of man. The goal: to find out once and for all whether our story is as dark, depraved, drug addled, and predatorial to children as people like Ammon would have us believe, or is there a virtuous, nobility being erased from our history and thereby the very fabric of our identity. Truth is the only path to rediscovering who we are. For all of my friends of differing ethnicities this does NOT leave you out. I bid you the respect that you alone possess the right to seek out your own origins. It is not my story to tell, and would be a great injustice to us both if done so before learning of myself. I will explore my ancestry, you, if so chosen will explore yours, and together as one mankind we'll emerge as confident allies against the malicious forces in this world who pitted man against one another for their petty ends. I respect your nature and I expect that you will respect mine.

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