“Be willing to put in the work to get to where you want to be; no more, no less.”

On today's episode, Steve introduces us to guest Casey Gauss, CEO and Co-Founder of Viral Launch. Here are some key points on today’s episode:

How Casey built his company, Viral Launch.

Casey’s origin story as a young entrepreneur.

How important it is to focus on your happiness.

His prediction for Amazon and why it’s important for businesses to be optimized on the platform.

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1:22 (Steve Simonson introduces today’s guest Casey Gauss, CEO andCo-Founder of Viral Launch.)

Steve: This is episode 27 of the Awesomers.com podcast, as always you can find show notes available at awesome Awesomers.com/27, that's Awesomers.com/27. Today my special guest is Casey Gauss which is a great example of an entrepreneur breaking out a normal and dropping out of college and jumping into the E-commerce world. Now Casey is a Co-Founder of Viral Launch which was a platform built and designed as a software, as a service platform to help Amazon sellers source launch and dominate on Amazon.com in the Amazon Marketplace to be more precise. So these are all third-party sellers. I was fortunate enough to meet Casey way back in the old days when he had just began and I really saw what wonderful potential this young fella had. And he's a brilliant guy regardless of his age. Certainly wisdom beyond his years and his quest for analytics, for measurement and performance is consistently above average for sure. That's what makes him Awesomer. Successfully, his company's performed over 30,000 product launches with 7,000 plus brands that are responsible cumulatively for billions of dollars and sales on Amazon. They've helped multiple products achieve number one best seller in their top level category in Amazon which is a great achievement. And fundamentally he has built this company which is a size at least of somewhere between 48 and 58 people at this point. And he's brought together extremely talented, developers and creative people and coaches and now management as well. So it's a real great pleasure to have Casey on the show today. Welcome back Awesomers, here we are again talking about all things awesome and today I have a very special guest Casey Gauss. How are you Casey?

3:02 (Casey starts to talk about Viral Launch.)

Casey: I am doing wonderful Steve. Thank you so much for having me on this podcast.

Steve: Definitely my pleasure. Help me pronounce your last name. I don't know that I've ever gotten it right yet.