what gets you choked up?
word of the day
game: shakespeare tv guide listing
made up terms that we all use (google as a verb)
swimsuit season is almost here...what's your go to swimwear choice?
game: star trek quiz
what's the most boring thing you do in a can you make it less boring?
what was your latest "when did this happen" in regards to your body/aging?
game: just under $1,000 pyramid
how do you handle mess ups/accidents at a restaurant (or anywhere frankly)
goodbye/fun facts....National Film Score Day honors and recognizes the talented composers who have elevated the attraction of a movie. Film scores are usually music without vocals....and movies just would be the same without them. is it the same as a soundtrack to a difference is that the score is original music that is specific to the film. In contrast, a soundtrack is a collection of carefully chosen songs to be included in the movie...but why April 3rd? Miklós Rózsa, the legendary composer, recorded the musical score for the movie “The Jungle Book.” United Artists released Alexander Korda’s film on April 3, 1942. which features an orchestral score — a first for any non-musical movie. famous film scores include: Bernard Hermann for psycho...Henry Mancini for pink panther, and John Williams for just about every sci fi movie!