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hearing opposing arguments from the government. It also is not clear that DOJ has yet been formally served in the case.

She set a hearing for Sept. 1, but said her order was not a 'final determination.'

She also told DOJ, the defendant in this case, to provide a 'more detailed report' of 'all property seized' pursuant to the search warrant.

According to the redacted affidavit, agents seized not only highly classified materials, but also handwritten documents. Some of the papers were stored with other materials.

Trump's initial suit drew criticism from legal experts online for failing to include exhibits or sworn statements, and for airing Trump's grievances with the Russia probe. 

'The Government has long treated President Donald J. Trump Unfairly,' reads one subject heading in the lawsuit. 

The Trump-appointed judge, who was confirmed in 2020, last week pushed Trump's lawyers to clarify their basis for seeking a special master, asking them to show the 'precise relief sought.'

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