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Invest Anywhere From Anywhere - Painless Wholesaling Approach with Guest Nathan Payne

Invest Anywhere, From Anywhere Podcast

English - September 19, 2023 13:00 - 28 minutes - 19.5 MB
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In this episode of "Invest Anywhere from Anywhere" podcast hosted by Mark 'MJ' Jackson, guest Nathan Payne, discusses painless wholesaling and his journey into real estate.

Nathan shares his background, mentioning his initial lack of interest in real estate until he needed to make money after college. He started in door-to-door sales, made $16,000 in three months, and eventually transitioned into real estate. His entry into real estate was influenced by a friend's father who was wholesaling real estate.

The conversation delves into the painless wholesaling method, emphasizing the importance of market knowledge and understanding buyer preferences. Nathan highlights the significance of building relationships with active investors and aligning with their criteria.

They also discuss making offers on properties listed by agents and how it can be a successful strategy. Nathan explains that it often involves representing motivated sellers rather than banks or institutions.

Nathan shares valuable advice on working in competitive markets like New York, emphasizing the importance of aligning with experienced buyers and being transparent in negotiations.

To learn more about Nathan Payne and the painless wholesaling method, visit and register for free masterclasses. 

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