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In your journey towards starting your business and monetizing your expertise you might find yourself wondering where to start or what to start on, or struggling with focus! In today’s episode with Pinterest Strategy expert Rachel Ngom, we talk about her journey towards finding what sets her soul on fire and what she’s passionate about and how just starting is what lead her to find it! Don’t underestimate the power of starting before things are perfect! Oh and we also talk about all things Pinterest and why you need to be using Pinterest to grow your blog, monetize your blog, grow your business and so much more! It’s more than a place to find inspiration for what’s for dinner tonight!

Pinterest is more of a search platform than a social media

Meet Rachel

Rachel Ngom is a Pinterest strategist who gets over 700,000 monthly viewers on her Pinterest account. She went from being on food stamps with negative $400 in her checking account to earning $80,000 the following year, to over $100,000 the next year. It’s now her passion to share her pinning secrets with other female entrepreneurs so they can grow their influence, income, and impact! Rachel has lived in Kenya, met her husband in Senegal, got married in Morocco, and spent the last year living in France.


(1:30) How did Rachel start her entrepreneurial journey(2:45) The transition from fitness to teaching entrepreneurs how to use Pinterest to grow their businesses(4:00) The power in getting started(5:00) Is there such a thing as balance?(6:44) No social media Saturdays(7:07) Schedule & Routine for workflow(8:10) Why Pinterest for business owners???(9:30) Rachel’s Pinterest strategies in the early days(10:16) Switched to targeted keywords to grow on Pinterest(11:09) How to know the long tail keywords for your business(11:58) Where do we put those keywords(13:10) Where do board titles show up?(14:06) What kind of Pinterest account do we need to have?(15:10) Can you pin straight opt ins & landing pages(16:45) Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes and how to use it(17:45) How to increase your reach on Pinterest without having a ton of followers(19:10) How many times should we be pinning every day(20:00) How much content should we be posting of ours versus someone else?(21:00) Hiding images in a blog post to pin and test the images(21:38) Pinterest algorithm changes(22:15) Pinterest ads versus Organic traffic(22:45) Are there any males on Pinterest?(23:16) Business hub and social platforms(23:45) Why Rachel’s ignoring her 20,000 followers on Instagram to pursue Pinterest(24:12) What do you do about all of your personal Pinterest boards and pins?(25:20) Mom life & Business life(27:15) What would you do differently in business the second time around?(28:15) How did you make the decision to hire a business coach?(29:00) The power of following your intuition in business(31:22) Rachel’s favorite app/system/software(33:20) What’s Rachel reading - Dot Com Secrets & Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

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