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Healthcare worker advocate fears ‘America will fail’ COVID fight

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English - November 21, 2020 20:35 - 1 hour - 72.9 MB - ★★★★★ - 1.8K ratings
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THIS EPISODE: President-Elect Joe Biden is challenged to amend the vulnerabilities in America’s democratic processes exposed by Donald Trump’s presidency. Dr. Jason Johnson and a panel of experts discuss. AND: Donald Trump voters denying the 2020 election results are rejecting American ideals experts tell AM JOY. PLUS: The COVID-19 fight is examined by frontline healthcare worker experts, who warn that in their view Americans must unite, make sacrifices, and spread the truth only in order to beat the coronavirus pandemic. NEXT: The House Restaurants Act must pass its package of $120 billion in aid for food service workers’ and small businesses’ survival, Melba Wilson, owner of Melba’s restaurant in Harlem, and president of the NYC Hospitality Alliance, tells Dr. Johnson. THEN: Mitch McConnell is slammed by Rep. Tim Ryan for in his view not aiding small restaurants, which in turn would aid the millions of workers employed in restaurants, by not taking up the revised House Heroes Act. All this and much more in this Saturday edition of AM JOY on MSNBC.