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Annwn, the Celtic underworld ruled over by the Faerie King Gwyn ap Nudd. In legend it is from his mystical domain the Wild Hunt issues forth and those unfortunate enough to encounter this ghostly procession can have their souls carried back to the faerie kingdom. One of the entrances to this chthonic realm, is said to lay beneath the sacred and picturesque site of Glastonbury Tor. An impressive cultural site in the English county of Somerset that, historians surmise, has seen continuous human occupation dating back to prehistory. One of the reasons that this site has held such significance, from pagan cultures even up until Christian settlement, is thought to be that the large conical hill sits on a nexus of mysterious earth energies. These energies are claimed to pervade the entirety of the English countryside as well as connect other ancient and sacred sites throughout the world. This case file, join the Theorists as they connect the dots and dowse for answers concerning…Ley Lines


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