While geopolitical events deepen the collective hypnosis with flash-bang theater and diversionary breadcrumbs, a breath-taking vista is now coming into the view of many.  Alfa cast has always shied from the red-herring news cycles, both alternative and conventional, because if it doesn't "grow corn" in the world we envision, what's the point?

Rabbit holes of misdirection and the misguided hope for political solution are there for one reason alone, deferred self-responsibility.  We entertain guests from many experiential perspectives to promote adult discourse that transcends the confines of intellectual, or spiritual beliefs founded on varying scriptural or historical interpretations. 

Steve Falconer rejoins us on this episode for a Part II discussion of the origin of present day societal constructs.  This chat will further our appreciation for the complexity, symbology and inversion of ancient truths used to usurp the Life Force of each and every embodied Soul.

Steve is a prolific political commentator and the voice of Spacebusters on Youtube, Bitchute, Odysee and Vigilante.tv. He is also the author of the children's book "The Dukes of Dense", available on all Amazon platforms and a former writer and administrator for Truth Serum News, where he wrote under the pen name Areyou Sure.  He is a former Chicago native living in Copenhagen Denmark, a music teacher and full time touring musician. He is a father and researcher into all things hidden, esoteric and out of the ordinary daily experience, with a gift for debunking or demystifying occulted information.

Expect Steve's depth of knowledge and knack for sleuthing to be on full display as he connects a myriad of historical dots between a diversity of players comprising the Swiss Nazi Templars, the Jesuits and black nobility and a host of other secretive sects to paint a revealing mosaic from ancient times to the current globalists agenda.

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