Teatime at Birken (4 of 9) streamed live as part of the Virtual Metta Retreat (December 23-31, 2020).

Index of questions: 

00:00 - Welcome

00:33 - Which requires greater effort - overcoming bodily or mental unpleasant feelings?

10:33 - How do we give meaning to Loving-kindness as kusala-kriya - skillfully moving towards the ultimate release of suffering?

23:05 - Could it be that the pandemic has brought good conditions for the development of Metta?

32:53 - Can Metta lead to the Jhanas and Enlightenment?

37:15 - How can I hold my contentment with simplicity and not question it when others ask “what did you do today”?

43:59 - How much needs to be put into Metta practice to overcome our automatic emotional reactions?

48:07 - What does ‘Vande’ mean - from the ‘Buddham Vande’ chant?