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You can afford anything, but not everything. We make daily decisions about how to spend money, time, energy, focus and attention – and ultimately, our life. Every decision is a trade-off against another choice.

But how deeply do we contemplate these choices? Are we settling for the default mode? Or are we ruthlessly optimizing around a deliberate life?

Host Paula Pant interviews a diverse array of entrepreneurs, early retirees, millionaires, investors, artists, adventurers, scientists, psychologists, productivity experts, world travelers and regular people, exploring the tough work of living a truly excellent life.

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Ask Paula: Is a Crash Coming?

June 22, 2022 19:21 - 1 hour

#387: Lila is concerned about inflation and the risk of a recession. Should she invest in the stock market, despite the scary headlines? Or should she pay off her primary residence or her investment properties? Linda invested in a 529 for her son’s college, and he’ll be starting in the fall. But, the value of the plan dropped right before she was planning on using it and she is wondering how to keep from losing more money. Jen and her husband want to retire in 8 years. They’re hoping to have ...

Once-a-Year Special Announcement for Anyone Interested in Real Estate

June 21, 2022 15:57 - 5 minutes

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The Psychology of Secrets, with Dr. Michael Slepian

June 15, 2022 06:00 - 1 hour

#386: We all have our secrets. We keep some secrets from bosses, colleagues and clients, like the fact that we hope to retire early, change careers, or start a business. We keep other secrets from friends and family, like our income, net worth, spending habits and investing mistakes. Research from around the world shows that we tend to keep the same types of secrets – around 38 common varieties, including secrets about finances, ambitions, beliefs, habits, unpopular opinions, mental health, t...

Ask Paula: How to Invest When You’re Unsure of the Goal

June 08, 2022 20:58 - 1 hour

#385: Anonymous (“Jennifer”) keeps hearing us say that you should “start with the end in mind” – that your investments should match your goals and timeline. But what if you don’t have any specific financial goal? What if your risk tolerance is different than you once thought? Rachel’s new employer won’t let her contribute to retirement for more than a year - what should she do?? Carri’s parents are in poor health and can’t work much - what should they do about their life insurance policy and ...

Invest Anywhere: Six Strategies to Make Money in Real Estate

June 03, 2022 22:01 - 1 hour

#384: Welcome back to the third episode in our special series, Afford Anything Presents: Invest Anywhere. Invest Anywhere is a new monthly series that runs on the First Friday of each month. It lays out the information you need to invest in real estate at a distance. Many of you want to invest in real estate, but you live in a high-cost-of-living area. (Ahem, California and New York). The homes in your city are prohibitively expensive, and they offer lackluster returns. You could invest in a ...

How to Talk About Money with Confidence and Charisma, with Vanessa Van Edwards

June 01, 2022 20:18 - 1 hour

#383: Behavioral researcher Vanessa Van Edwards, who runs the research lab Science of People, breaks down the psychological secrets behind feeling and looking more confident, competent and charismatic. She explains how to apply these techniques to critical conversations around money, whether you’re negotiating your salary, buying a home or car, or arguing with your spouse about your household spending. Subscribe to get the show notes delivered via email, for free, at

Ask Paula: What Do I Do With Free Money?

May 24, 2022 17:08 - 1 hour

#382: Joe is buying his first house hack and would like to understand if the FHA loan or the doctor loan would be better for him. Sara wants to leave her job to spend time with her children, and she needs help in calculating her FIRE number. Kat received a windfall and is wondering if she should invest it in stocks, real estate, or a combination of both. Aisha is moving to the US and wants to start investing ASAP - how should she approach her goal to reach FIRE? Former financial planner Joe S...

How to Not Let Your Feelings Hijack Your Decisions, with Mollie West Duffy

May 19, 2022 12:08 - 1 hour

#381: Maybe you’re envious of your friend who bought Bitcoin in 2015 and held until it hit 7-figures. Maybe you’re anxious about rapidly rising home prices. Maybe you regret that you didn’t buy a rental property five years ago, because – at the time – you felt like prices had already risen so much (from 2012 to 2017) that you just couldn’t justify paying 2017’s pricetag. Our lives, finances and careers invoke many strong feelings. In today’s episode, Mollie West Duffy, the co-author of Big Fe...

Ask Paula: How to Optimize Your Investments Along the Efficient Frontier (If You Dare!)

May 11, 2022 21:54 - 1 hour

#380: Matt wants to optimize his portfolio and wants to know if he should invest along the Efficient Frontier – despite the fact that the asset allocation it recommends is absolutely bonkers; it’s wild and risky and tilted like nothing he’s ever seen before. Ionnie just rolled over her Roth IRA and would like to understand how to withdraw her contributions without getting penalized. Anonymous and her spouse are both in the military and about to reach retirement. They have an expensive whole l...

Invest Anywhere: 4 Benefits and 5 Challenges of Long-Distance Real Estate Investing

May 06, 2022 21:48 - 1 hour

#379: Welcome to our First Friday bonus episode. Once a month, Afford Anything presents a special feature called Invest Anywhere, in which we teach our audience how to invest in real estate from thousands of miles away. We kickoff today’s episode by discussing current market conditions. Yesterday the Fed raised interest rates by another 50 basis points, which means mortgages are more expensive than they’ve been in years. Additionally, jittery investors worried about an impending recession led...

Ask Paula: Should I Take a Higher-Paying Job if I Can’t Save As Much for Retirement?

May 05, 2022 00:53 - 1 hour

#378: Anonymous is 25. She has a job offer that comes with a substantial raise. Hooray! Buuut … there’s a problem. If she accepts this job offer, her new employer won’t allow her to contribute as much money to her company retirement accounts.  How should she think about the trade-off between increasing income and funding her retirement? Meanwhile, Dan from California is retiring soon and wants to know what he and his wife should do with the loan they took out against their 401(k). Finally, an...

How I Discovered The 4 Percent Retirement Rule, with Bill Bengen

April 26, 2022 22:54 - 1 hour

#377: Today’s episode is sheer retirement nerd bliss. We talk to the creator of the 4 percent retirement safe withdrawal rule, Bill Bengen. If you’re new to retirement planning, you might not yet grasp the gravity of this. Let’s cut to the chase: the 4 percent rule is one of the most revolutionary, groundbreaking insights in the field of retirement research in the past 30 years. To understand why, let’s climb in our time machines and return to 1994. Back then, many financial advisors were tel...

Ask Paula: How Should My 64-Year-Old Mom Handle a Toxic Boss?

April 20, 2022 10:13 - 1 hour

Meghan’s mom is 64 years old and suffering under a toxic boss. It’s tough to switch jobs at her age. How should she think through the next steps? Ellen has a 20-year-old son with physical and developmental disabilities. Her other child, age 21, will need to look after him for the rest of their lives. How should she handle their inheritance? Joe wants to start working part-time in four years, and fully retire four years after that. He worries he’s investing too aggressively for his retirement ...

Ask Paula: How Should My 64-Year-Old Mom Handle a Toxic Boss?

April 20, 2022 10:13 - 1 hour

#376: Meghan’s mom is 64 years old and suffering under a toxic boss. It’s tough to switch jobs at her age. How should she think through the next steps? Ellen has a 20-year-old son with physical and developmental disabilities. Her other child, age 21, will need to look after him for the rest of their lives. How should she handle their inheritance? Joe wants to start working part-time in four years, and fully retire four years after that. He worries he’s investing too aggressively for his retir...

The 2X Rule (and Other Wealth-Accelerating Advice), with Nick Maggiulli

April 13, 2022 20:59 - 1 hour

#375: Here’s the deal: The majority of people who write about personal finance repeat the same tired aphorisms and cliches. “Millennials aren’t investing enough,” they’ll lament. “Millennials are amassing wealth at a slower pace than previous generations!” But when you ask for their source, they turn up blank. Each writer points to a headline, which sources another headline, in a neverending circular secondary-source-citation that fails to point to any primary data source. Nick Maggiulli does...

Ask Paula: How Can I Minimize My Taxes?

April 06, 2022 22:33 - 48 minutes

#374: Andy in Palm Springs wants to create an income stream through a taxable brokerage account. What strategy should he use to minimize the tax impact of withdrawing his gains? Jake wants investment cash flow until he’s eligible for his military pension in 10 years. Should he buy small multifamily properties right now, wait a few years and invest in syndications or should he invest in index funds through taxable accounts? Anonymous is a US Citizen, lives in London, and can’t invest in index ...

Invest Anywhere: The 5 Ways Real Estate Makes Money

April 01, 2022 21:27 - 1 hour

#373: How do people make money in real estate? Many focus on rental income, but this is only one of five ways that properties create wealth. We explain five surprising ways that real estate builds your balance sheet: cash flow, appreciation (market-based and forced), tax benefits, principal paydown, and instant equity at closing. Why does this matter for long-distance investors? If you’re investing out-of-state, you’ll need to choose a city or town. How do you decide? First, think about h...

Ask Paula: I’m 33 and Want to Retire at 45 – What Should I Do?

March 29, 2022 20:07 - 56 minutes

#372: Eve has been investing in her brokerage account and the tax liabilities are starting to add up. She wants to retire in 12 years and is wondering if she should invest in after-tax contributions and plan on a Roth conversion. Anonymous has rental properties and wants to start building his kids credit histories. Is it a good idea to add them as co-borrowers on the mortgage? Lily is really excited about investing in real estate, but househacking wasn’t the right fit. She’s looking for advic...

What’s the Point of Happiness, Anyway?, with Dr. Bill Von Hippel

March 23, 2022 12:48 - 1 hour

#371: Psychology professor Bill von Hippel explains the evolutionary science behind how we’re hardwired as humans. We’re wired to be social, to connect, to communicate and cooperate. We’re wired to want to learn and teach, to build a collective body of knowledge that stretches beyond what any single individual could ever learn in their lifetime. We’re wired to feel surges of happiness that fade, so that we’re intrinsically motivated to keep repeating behaviors that lead to additional surges o...

Ask Paula: My Income Is Dropping From $190,000 to $40,000; What Should I Do?

March 16, 2022 19:40 - 1 hour

#370: Kristen is 32, and she and her husband want to retire in less than 20 years. They make too much to contribute to a Roth IRA. Should they use back door Roth conversions to speed along their path to early retirement? Michelle makes $190,000 and is going to switch to a career that pays $40,000 on average. To prepare for this lower salary, she's selling her current home and buying a different one. Should she pay off her new home with the proceeds from the old one? Or should she invest her p...

Why Does the Stock Market Crash? | Stocks 101 Explained, with Brian Feroldi

March 09, 2022 20:59 - 1 hour

#369: To answer these questions, we need a deep, tree-trunk understanding – a core, fundamental understanding – of how the stock market operates. What, exactly, IS a stock – and how are stocks valued? What’s the difference between the Dow Jones, the S&P 500, and the Nasdaq? Why is the market a voting machine in the short-term, but a weighing machine in the long-term? Brian Feroldi, the author of “Why Does the Stock Market Go Up?,” joins us for a Stocks 101 explainer episode. If you’d like ...

Ask Paula: Talk Crypto To Me

March 04, 2022 06:00 - 1 hour

#368: Grace wants to buy a manufactured home for rental income. Should she calculate her returns differently for a manufactured home? Alex is curious about cryptocurrency. How should she analyze the returns promised by different platforms and where can she go to learn more about crypto in general? Thomas and his wife have parallel goals of saving for a down payment and contributing to retirement accounts. How should they balance both of these goals? In today's episode, former financial plan...

The Roots of Procrastination, Inattention and Anxiety, with Dr. Ellen Vora, M.D.

March 02, 2022 19:55 - 1 hour

#367: Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many commentators have remarked that we’re living in an “epidemic of anxiety.” More than 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety, and countless millions more notice themselves “acting out” against their responsibilities in smaller, self-sabotaging ways: procrastinating, lacking motivation, grappling with an inability to concentrate. In today’s episode, Dr. Ellen Vora, M.D., discusses both the internal and environmental factors that can exacerba...

Ask Paula: How Do I Invest For My Parents' Retirement?

February 24, 2022 22:13 - 1 hour

#366: Micheal’s parents just sold their home to pay off debt and fund their retirement. How should he invest the profits? Ryker would like to understand what it would take for cryptocurrency to be considered as a good investment option for a diversified portfolio. Megan has qualified for her employer's 401k and needs help deciding between investing in a Roth 401K and a Roth IRA. In today's episode, former financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy and I tackle these tough questions. Do you have a qu...

Inflation, Explained

February 18, 2022 21:44 - 1 hour

#365: Nearly every financial news story for the past several months has centered around inflation – but what, exactly, is inflation? What are its causes? What are its effects? How is it measured? What notable inflationary events have unfolded throughout history, and what can we learn from these? In this episode, we peel back the layers of the onion in order to deepen our understanding of the concept of inflation. We discuss hyperinflation, biflation, stagflation; we discuss the CPI, the PPI, ...

Ask Paula: No Spouse, No Family - How Do I Financially Prepare For Care Later In Life?

February 09, 2022 23:29 - 1 hour

#364: Our first caller is curious about whether he should keep his 30 year term life insurance policy or let it lapse with 12 years left on the policy? Anonymous is wondering which financial products would work best for to cover her older age care and expenses? Max is thinking through real estate and stock market returns as they relate to future population trends. Ramon asks us about the details behind infinite banking. Do you have a question on business, money, trade-offs, financial independ...

Two Types of Intelligence, with Harvard Professor Arthur Brooks

February 04, 2022 22:36 - 1 hour

#363: In our 20’s and 30’s, we have high levels of fluid intelligence, or raw intellectual horsepower. We can ace tests, impress people with our memory and recall, and analyze facts, documents and data. But in our 40’s and 50’s, we have higher levels of crystallized intelligence, which allows us to draw together novel insights from across domains. Fluid intelligence allows us to analyze, or break apart. Crystallized intelligence allows us to synthesize, or put together. Each type of intell...

Ask Paula: Okay Seriously, Why Hasn’t Anyone Solved the Budgeting Issue?

February 01, 2022 22:38 - 1 hour

#362: David is questioning how to better manage his spending. He’d like a stronger framework to think through budgeting challenges. Elisa and her husband bought a home, and now they’re saving extra income every month. She has a pension and her husband is an entrepreneur. How much should they be saving for retirement and how should they invest their extra money? Geoff invested primarily in taxable brokerage accounts for the last twenty years. He’s built a $6 million portfolio and reached fina...

The GameStop Revolution, One Year Later — with Spencer Jakab

January 26, 2022 20:08 - 1 hour

#361: Wall Street Journal columnist Spencer Jakab marks the one-year anniversary of that weird time when the subReddit Wall St Bets pumped shares of meme stocks like GameStop and AMC Theaters, triggering a short squeeze that forced several hedge funds to lose billions. What did we learn from that experience? And how do we actually take down Wall Street? How do we launch a truly effective financial revolution? We share those insights in today’s episode. Subscribe to the show notes at https://a...

Ask Paula: I’m Worried My Parents Are Getting Ripped Off By Their Financial Advisor … Help!

January 19, 2022 20:36 - 1 hour

#360: I’m worried my parents are getting ripped off by their financial advisor. What should I do? My wife is trying to qualify for student loan forgiveness … but we might lose a bunch of tax benefits in the process. Is it worth the risk? I’m enrolling in grad school, and I want to optimize how to pay for rent and groceries. Should I use money from a 529 plan? Three callers. Three questions. In today's episode, former financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy and I tackle these tough Q’s. Enjoy! Do...

The Four Quadrants of A Successful Life, with Andrew Hallam

January 12, 2022 20:11 - 1 hour

#359: Money, relationships, health and purpose: life is running smoothly when all four of these elements are working together in tandem, like wheels on a car. But how can we make spending and investing choices that facilitate stronger relationships, better health and a deeper sense of purpose? Andrew Hallam, who became a millionaire on a teacher’s salary, shares researched-backed, evidence-based insights into how to find balance, drawing from the worlds of behavioral finance and stock market ...

Ask Paula

January 08, 2022 01:39 - 1 hour - 52.8 MB

Former financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy and I answer questions from Adam, Chris, Yvan, and Jan. Subscribe to the show notes at

Ask Paula: Should I Invest in Index Funds More Actively?

January 08, 2022 01:39 - 1 hour

#358: Where is the balance between the risks and potential returns of actively and passively investing in index funds?Where do you place your savings after you max out your retirement and HSA accounts? How do you finance building a rental unit when there’s already a home on the lot? Is it more beneficial to buy back pension time with post tax deductions or a 457b plan? Or should I not buy back pension time at all? In today’s episode, former financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy and I discuss the pu...

Practical Investing and the Efficient Frontier, with Joe Saul-Sehy

January 05, 2022 17:45 - 1 hour

#357: Discussing advanced investing topics with me is former financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy. You may recognize him from the Ask Paula episodes, but we discuss financial topics shared in his new book "STACKED: Your Super-Serious Guide to Modern Money Management" - co-authored with Emily Guy Birken. Subscribe to the show notes at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Ask Paula: FIRE vs. FOMO -- How Do You Balance Between These?

December 29, 2021 23:06 - 56 minutes

#356: How do you find balance between smart money management vs. missing out on opportunities? Should you pile money into investments or take that dream trip to Tanzania? What should you do when your heart leads you to a decision that doesn't make sense on paper? In today's episode, former financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy and I discuss the purpose and practice of mindful money. Subscribe to the show notes at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaph...

A Hospice Doctor's Advice on Financial Independence, with Jordan Grumet

December 21, 2021 22:40 - 1 hour

#355: When Jordan Grumet realized he has achieved financial independence, he fell into a deep depression. He didn’t know who he was anymore, he says, and he didn’t know what should come next. He learned about how to deal with us by observing his hospice patients. In this episode, Grumet, a hospice doctor, describes how working with the dying has taught him about life. Subscribe to the show notes at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Ask Paula: How Do I Make Sure I Don't Spend the Money I've Invested?

December 16, 2021 22:37 - 1 hour

#354: Charlie in Cali has enough money saved to pay cash for a house, but she and her husband decided to finance their home, instead. They’d rather invest the money and arbitrage the spread. But one problem: how can they keep themselves from touching this investment? Jay is choosing between Fidelity and M1 Finance, and has questions about tax loss harvesting. Nicole and her siblings will be inheriting some properties that they eventually plan to sell. How should they set up or organize thes...

The Secret to Perfect Timing

December 09, 2021 00:10 - 1 hour

#353: Daniel Pink joins us to discuss an unusual theory: (1) that our energy rises, falls, and then rises again; (2) that this pattern plays out across our days (morning energy, afternoon slump, nighttime second wind); (3) this also plays out across our lives, with serious implications for how we spend those “muddled middle” years of our 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Get the show notes delivered to your inbox by visiting Learn more about your ad choices. Visit me...

Ask Paula: Should I Pull Money from My Emergency Fund to Invest or Pay Off Debt?

December 03, 2021 20:06 - 1 hour

#352: Anna and her husband have volatile income, but Anna thinks that having 18 months of living expenses is unnecessary. She’s torn between paying off her student loans ($30,000) or investing the money. Mentally, she always figured she would pay off her debt first, but wouldn’t investing pay off in the long run? Charlotte and her husband are taking a phased approach to financial independence, where they need to bridge two gaps before they each turn 59 ½. How can they calculate how much they...

The Six Myths of Productivity

December 02, 2021 02:50 - 1 hour

#351: Geoff Woods, Vice President of The ONE Thing and host of The ONE Thing podcast, is an expert on ruthless prioritization, habit development, and goal setting. The simple framework he presents allows you to focus deeply and commit to the actions you need to take if you want to take your productivity to the next level this year. Get the show notes delivered to your inbox by visiting Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Ask Paula: How Much Should We Spend on a Wedding?

November 23, 2021 21:40 - 1 hour

#350: Anonymous and her husband have set themselves on the path of saving for retirement. But an old mistake haunts them: a financial planner convinced them to buy a mix of whole and term life insurance, which costs them $700 per month. Do they need whole life insurance, and where else can they save their money? Mike has $60,000 in cash earning one percent interest. He has plans to buy a home and get married in three to five years. Where else can he put his cash to earn a little more? Is the...

A Candid Conversation with Mr. Money Mustache & Paula Pant

November 19, 2021 00:40 - 1 hour

#349: A frank and candid conversation about life, dead-lifting, and enjoying the hell out of doing meaningful work. For more information, visit the show notes at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Ask Paula: How Should We Invest to Retire By Our Mid-40’s?

November 09, 2021 19:00 - 1 hour

#348: Aja’s mom is 75 and has to take required minimum distributions from her IRA. She doesn’t need the money. Where should she put it? Anonymous from MA is flummoxed by HSA-compatible health plans. His copay and deductible are awful, and even bronze plans seem better. Are HSA plans overrated, or does the math work out? Julia and her husband, both 27, want to retire by their early to mid-40s. Is there a point at which they should stop contributing to tax advantaged accounts and only contrib...

The Radical Invention of the Index Fund, with Robin Wigglesworth

November 05, 2021 19:02 - 57 minutes

#347: Back in the 1960’s, Jack Bogle thought that actively-managed mutual funds performed better than a passive indexing strategy. He pseudonymously published a paper saying so. But academic data from the University of Chicago challenged his preconceived notions. He attended seminars that showed how the drag on returns that come from management fees and trading costs, coupled with the reality that the bulk of gains come from a hard-to-predict handful of equities (a concept known as “skew”),...

Ask Paula: How Can We Reach Financial Independence by 35?

November 02, 2021 20:54 - 1 hour

#346: Pensions make Chad uncomfortable, to the point of quitting his job to roll his $175,000 over to an IRA. Is the 12 percent match his employer offers good enough to beat the two percent growth of his pension? Or should he leave and never look back? Anonymous and his wife have $275,000 saved and a child on the way. They’re 27 and want to reach financial independence by 35. They want to buy a house, but with this crazy market, what’s the smartest way for them to use their savings? Anonymo...

How to Understand Your Medical Bill, with Marshall Allen

October 26, 2021 18:36 - 52 minutes

#345: Let’s talk about one of the biggest expenses you might ever encounter: health care costs. When you get a hospital bill, do you understand it? After all, it looks like it’s written in code (and sometimes it literally is). How do you know if the bill is accurate? Has everything been coded properly? Are you being charged for the services that you actually received? If you need to dispute an item, what’s the process? Pulitzer Prize finalist Marshall Allen joins us to shed light on the c...

Ask Paula: I’m Bored at Work, and I’m 14 Years from Retirement; Should I Tough It Out?

October 19, 2021 17:13 - 1 hour

#344: Russell’s job offers the option to contribute to a 457 plan. Since he’s in the highest tax bracket, should he take advantage of the tax deferral offered through the 457 or invest within a taxable brokerage account? Anonymous is on track to be financially independent in 14 years, but isn’t living up to her potential working a boring job. How can she live up to her potential and do more without sacrificing her quality of life? C wants to know what tax implications she should consider be...

Are We Heading for a Housing Crash in 2022?

October 11, 2021 22:18 - 1 hour

#343: The real estate market in 2021 has been bonkers. That’s the technical term. From 2012 to 2020, home prices nationwide rose at an annualized average of 5.8 percent per year. From April 2020 to April 2021, home prices climbed 17.2 percent. This sudden surge in prices has many homeowners and would-be investors fearful of a crash. The memories of the stark price run-up prior to The Great Recession are all too salient. What goes up must come down, right? Not exactly. In this episode, w...

Ask Paula: How to Make Smarter Real Estate Decisions

October 04, 2021 16:42 - 1 hour

#342: Russell is a busy professional who’d like to invest passively in real estate. Is there data he can use to compare this approach to owning and managing their own properties? Laura wants to purchase her first investment property in Miami. Should she cash out some RSUs and stock from her company to use as a down payment? And what type of mortgage is she eligible for since she already owns a home? Jordan and his wife own three properties and are under contract on a new house since they ha...

Courage and The Consequences of Inaction, with Ryan Holiday

October 02, 2021 12:27 - 59 minutes

#341: Imagine a line. Cowardice exists at one extreme end of that line. Recklessness exists at the other extreme end. And in the balanced middle, you’ll find courage. Today’s conversation is about courage. We’re not talking about inspiring physical acts of bravery in this episode; rather, we’re discussing moral and social courage. The type of courage you need to make an investment. Buy a rental property. Invest in stocks. Start a business or side hustle. Retire early. Travel overseas. Hav...


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