Join us this week for more improvised actual play D&D shenanigans as we take a break from the main campaign to take a stroll down memory lane. We specifically take a hot moment to explore a tale from Hunnarsh's past during his days as a lowly beat cop on the grimdark streets of Nutbush. Something horrid is a foot and Hunnarsh is about to step straight into it.

So without further ado, go grab yourself a drink, pull your chair closer to the fire and come join Wraggy, Chris and myself for this week's episode of The Adventurers Anonymous Podcast!! Please enjoy...

Tatty Bojangles - Gnome Ranger/Rogue (Chris Neal)

Hunnarsh Smith - Half-Orc Fighter (Chris Wragg)

Dungeon Master & Host (AJ Jackson)

Theme tune by Air Drawn Dagger