This week on the Active Self Protection Podcast we sit down with self-defender Isaac Chase and discuss the night he was relaxing at home when a shooting occurred right in front of his house and about how he jumped into action to assist the victim at personal risk. Then we sit down with investigative reporter Stephen Gutowski of and discuss the Fifth Circuits recent injunction on President Bidens pistol brace rule and why the ruling isn’t as clear as we might hope.

Active Self Protection exists to help good, sane, sober, moral, prudent people in all walks of life to more effectively protect themselves and their loved ones from criminal violence. On the ASP Podcast you will hear the true stories of life or death self defense encounters from the men and women that lived them. If you are interested in the Second Amendment, self defense and defensive firearms use, martial arts or the use of less lethal tools used in the real world to defend life and family, you will find this show riveting.  Join host and career federal agent Mike Willever as he talks to real life survivors and hear their stories in depth. You'll hear about these incidents and the self defenders from well before the encounter occurred on through the legal and emotional aftermath. Music: