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2024 Easter Special, Part 5

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English - April 04, 2024 07:00 - 10 minutes - 11.7 MB - ★★★★★ - 8 ratings
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Today’s episode is Part 5 in our five part Easter Special, featuring Mary Magdalene.


Mary celebrated Passover in Bethany with Jesus' friends and family, immersed in preparations and reflections on the past week's events, from Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem to His teachings and confrontations. As they observed the traditions of Passover, their discussions were laden with anticipation of Jesus' kingdom. The serene celebration was shattered late at night by James's urgent news of Jesus' arrest, propelling Mary into a whirlwind of fear and disbelief. She rushed to Jerusalem, following the grim procession from the High Priest's house to Pilate's judgment seat, witnessing the heart-wrenching condemnation and the crowd's cries for crucifixion.


United in sorrow with John, Jesus' mother, and other devout women, Mary stood vigil on the Via Dolorosa and at Golgotha, experiencing the profound agony of Jesus' crucifixion, a stark contrast to the hope and love He embodied. This torturous spectacle culminated in an act of silent dedication as they hastily prepared Jesus' body for burial. The despair of Friday night gave way to bewildering hope as Mary discovered the empty tomb and encountered the resurrected Jesus, transforming her from a mourner to a herald of the Resurrection, forever changed by the profound reality of having seen the Lord.