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Steve Erickson Saw Trumpism Coming

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin - November 07, 2017 05:00 - 32 minutes ★★★★ - 6.4K ratings
American Weimar, novelist Steve Erickson’s 1995 essay on threats to American democracy, has always been among Alec Baldwin’s favorite pieces of writing.  But last year, when all of the chickens Erickson identified came home to roost, it became clear that the piece, and its author, deserved even c...

Books written by Steve Erickson

Days Between Stations
Steve Erickson

1 Episode - 249 pages - ★★★★ - 25 ratings

McSweeney's Enchanted Chamber of Astonishing Stories
Michael Chabon, Mike Mignola, Margaret Atwood, David Mitchell, Jonathan Lethem, Ayelet Waldman, Steve Erickson, Stephen King, Jason Roberts, Heidi Julavits, Roddy Doyle, Daniel Handler, Charles D'Ambrosio, Poppy Z. Brite, China Miéville, Joyce Carol Oates, Peter Straub, McSweeney's Publishing

328 pages - ★★★★ - 939 ratings

Pictures Showing What Happens on Each Page of Thomas Pynchon's Novel Gravity's Rainbow
Zak Smith, Steve Erickson

784 pages - ★★★★ - 484 ratings