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Henning Mankell - Faceless Killers

World Book Club - July 02, 2011 10:06 - 52 minutes ★★★★★ - 315 ratings
This month's World Book Club comes from the church of St Mary Magdalene in Woodstock, England. Harriett Gilbert talks to Swedish superstar Henning Mankell about Faceless Killers, the first novel in his globally acclaimed series featuring Inspector Kurt Wallander. In it, an elderly farm couple ...

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1064: A 2011 Interview With Henning Mankell

Rick Kleffel:Agony Column - April 25, 2011 02:00 ★★★★★ - 13 ratings
"What I try to do always is to tell a story that has something to do with my life and the lives of others that are living together with me in the times that we see today."

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Henning Mankell

Bookclub - July 04, 2010 15:00 - 27 minutes ★★★★ - 186 ratings
James Naughtie and readers talk to the Swedish thriller writer Henning Mankell about his novel Sidetracked, featuring his detective Kurt Wallander. Henning Mankell's character is now in the pantheon of fictional detectives. Like Conan Doyle before him, Mankell receives letters from readers addr...

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Books written by Henning Mankell

One Step Behind
Henning Mankell, Ebba Segerberg

5 Episodes - 450 pages - ★★★★ - 11.6K ratings

The Dogs of Riga
Henning Mankell, Laurie Thompson

1 Episode - 326 pages - ★★★★ - 16.5K ratings

The Man Who Smiled
Henning Mankell, Laurie Thompson

325 pages - ★★★★ - 14K ratings

The White Lioness
Henning Mankell, Laurie Thompson

576 pages - ★★★★ - 12K ratings

Before the Frost
Henning Mankell, Ebba Segerberg

375 pages - ★★★★ - 8.14K ratings