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The Cost of Justice: Equal Access to Civil Representation

Campbell Law Reporter - February 21, 2024 10:00 - 56 minutes ★★★★★ - 10 ratings
In this week’s episode, join Kassie, Emily, and Carollyn, as they explore and discuss the disparity in access to representation for civil cases that, like many other issues, disproportionately affects low-income and minority populations. The episode centers around the expanding need for lawyers a...

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Prioritizing Retirement - 3 Things You Can Do Now

Behind The Wealth Podcast - February 21, 2024 08:00 - 33 minutes ★★★★★ - 2 ratings
Roger and Elias share things you can do now to prioritize retirement, how to help protect yourself after a data breach, and different ways to think about Social Security strategies. Take control of your financial future: Follow Us on

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Why I Really Want You to Write Your Book in 2024

Nothing but the Words - February 20, 2024 22:00 - 14 minutes
As the year gets underway, lots of people are falling off the wagon when it comes to their New Year's resolutions and annual goals. But what about the people who aren't? What about the people who are sticking to their resolution to make this the year they become an author? That can be you--and i...

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Surrender | Angela D. Holmes | Tuesday 02.20.24 | Join Us 6AM PST Monday-Friday

Declare Victory Prayer Call - February 20, 2024 20:00 - 1 hour ★★★★ - 1 rating
Welcome to #february2024 #surrender #declarevictory style. Where community meets reality and we do life FROM #victory not FOR it! We win if we dont quit! Join us daily, for #encouragement #inspiration #motivation and #lifeapplication #practical #tools to do life from the inside out! We #pray #pr...

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How To Make It Better - February 20, 2024 16:00 - 3 minutes ★★★★★ - 5 ratings
These guys are enthusiastic. You can't rain on their parade.

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Panic vs. Problem-Solving, Episode 84, Season 4

Up! Uplifting, Inspiring, Practical - February 20, 2024 15:50 - 4 minutes ★★★★★ - 1 rating
Do you ever feel like you’re not in charge of your emotions, that panic is swirling within you, ready to engulf you in a tsunami of dreadful feelings? In this podcast, find out how to differentiate between facts and feelings, such that you can take charge of your emotions and take back your life...

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Community Involvement Marketing

10-Minute Food Truck Training - February 20, 2024 15:00 - 15 minutes ★★★★★ - 20 ratings
Marketing is a mix of Social Media, Traditional Marketing and Community Involvement. Marketing is an invitation to "please eat my food". Community Involvement is giving back, being selfless and turning that attitude into growing your business. Today’s episode is sponsored by Table Needs. FOO...

Go Be Great with Coach Karena artwork

Art as Self-Therapy: A Conversation with Karen DeLoach

Go Be Great with Coach Karena - February 20, 2024 15:00 - 31 minutes ★★★★★ - 4 ratings
In this insightful episode of "Go Be Great with Coach Karena," introverted business strategist Karena Calhoun engages in a captivating conversation with Karen DeLoach, an art expert and life/business strategist. Karen shares her journey of embracing creativity and the power of art as a form of s...

O C N W T R artwork


O C N W T R - February 20, 2024 14:38 - 14 minutes
Thoughts on my 4 years working at the LARGEST church in California (Saddleback) & 4 years starting & leading the SMALLEST church in California (OCNWTR)

Diverse Thinking Different Learning artwork

Ep. 173: Why Treating Symptoms Isn’t Enough for Child Wellbeing with Hokehe Eko, MD MPH FAAP

Diverse Thinking Different Learning - February 20, 2024 13:00 - 34 minutes ★★★★★ - 40 ratings
Did you know that most children with ADHD are given medication, offered some counseling, and nothing else? Today's episode is a game-changer, especially for parents navigating the challenges of ADHD because today’s guest wants to change this. Dr. Hokehe Eko joins us to discuss her unique approac...

Radijo byla artwork

Radijo byla. Nusipirkote vogtą automobilį? Ar įmanoma susigrąžinti pinigus? Ar darbdavys gali sumažinti atlyginimą savo nuožiūra?

Radijo byla - February 20, 2024 12:05 - 51 minutes
Darbuotojai dažniausiai tikisi atlyginimo padidinimo, tačiau kartais tenka susidurti ir su atvirkštine situacija – netikėtai, be jokio išankstinio perspėjimo, sumažinta alga. Ar darbdavys gali sumažinti atlyginimą neatsiklausęs darbuotojo? Pokalbis su advokatų profesinės bendrijos „HITUS Legal“ v...

Manufacturers Alliance Podcast artwork

Servant Leadership - Leading the Jesus Way

Manufacturers Alliance Podcast - February 20, 2024 12:00 - 27 minutes
If you’re interested in faith-based leadership principles and want to incorporate them into your leadership style so that you can helps others make an eternal impact, you’re going to love this episode. We’ve invited the President and COO of Cold Spring Granite, Greg Flint to talk about these pri...

Marriage Is Tougher Than Woodpecker Lips artwork

Your Goals Are My Goals

Marriage Is Tougher Than Woodpecker Lips - February 20, 2024 11:00 - 24 minutes ★★★★★ - 8 ratings
Being aligned with your spouse is a great feeling. Being aligned on your goals as well is arguably an even better feeling. This week we talk about being aligned, setting goals and how we can have different goals within our aligned marriages. We hope you enjoy! Please reach out to us at: marri...

Rightly Divide the Word of Truth artwork

Stop Finger Pointing

Rightly Divide the Word of Truth - February 20, 2024 11:00 - 15 minutes ★★★★ - 4 ratings
A devotional study about how we should take accountability and avoid blaming others, particularly our spouses, close friends and relatives, when we are forced to confront our issues. Genesis 3:12 KJV And the man said, “The woman whom Thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did...

Grow Weed at Home with Kyle Kushman artwork

Intentional Horticulture with Green Bodhi | GWAH | Ep22 | Kyle Kushman

Grow Weed at Home with Kyle Kushman - February 20, 2024 08:58 - 1 hour
Join Kyle Kushman in the latest enlightening episode of Grow Weed at Home, as he sits down with the esteemed John Bayes, widely known as Green Bodhi. With over two decades of rich experience in the cultivation and consulting spheres of the cannabis industry, John brings a unique perspective to o...

Learn Spanish with Stories artwork

Wild Territory, Latin America's Most Dangerous Animals (Territorio Salvaje, Los Animales Más Peligrosos de Latinoamérica)

Learn Spanish with Stories - February 20, 2024 08:00 - 27 minutes ★★★★ - 92 ratings
While many of them are cute and fluffy, we've come to learn that some animals out there are VERY dangerous. Latin America is one such place which - though not as "everything is out to get you" as Australia, is still home to venomous snakes, ravenous piranhas, skull-breaking jaguars, and more. I...

Fiction Writing Made Easy artwork

#130: How to Craft Romantic Chemistry & Tension Between Characters

Fiction Writing Made Easy - February 20, 2024 08:00 - 25 minutes
“ Flat or boring characters who are underdeveloped are never going to light up a scene, no matter how many tricks you pull.” - Savannah Gilbo If you’re writing romance, the chemistry and tension between your characters can make or break your story. Let’s explore how to create romantic chemistry...

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Substitute Teacher Regrets

Substitute Teachers Lounge - February 20, 2024 08:00 - 18 minutes ★★★★★ - 34 ratings
Have you ever been haunted by a decision you made years ago?  Join me in the Substitute Teacher's Lounge where, amidst the chuckles and sighs, we unravel the complex feelings of remorse that accompany the teaching journey. This isn't just another series of classroom anecdotes; it's an honest con...

College Matters. Alma Matters. artwork

Dartmouth & Rethinking Test Optional in College News Fit to Digest. February 19, 2024.

College Matters. Alma Matters. - February 20, 2024 05:44 - 13 minutes ★★★★★ - 7 ratings
Subscribe to Receive Venkat’s Weekly Newsletter Making sense of the College News of the week, curated by Alma Matters. Shveta Bagade, College Counselor gives us her take on the news. Topics discussed in this episode: The Dartmouth Decision  [] What Should Students Do? [] How Colleges Use Te...

She's Busy AF artwork

EP 130 | How to scale your creative business via strategic relationship building with Melissa Lohrer

She's Busy AF - February 20, 2024 05:00 - 48 minutes ★★★★★ - 21 ratings
In this episode of She's Busy AF, Melissa Lohrer, a seasoned expert in business development, shares game-changing insights to redefine your agency's growth strategy. We delve into the delicate balance between scaling and sustainability, with Melissa offering personalized guidance honed from her ...

The Human Behavior Podcast artwork

Trust Your Gut

The Human Behavior Podcast - February 20, 2024 05:00 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 28 ratings
This week we are talking about intuition and what it really means to “trust your gut.” Just like our previous episodes we are going to start out by reading an article that Greg wrote where he highlights several examples of people who DIDN’T “trust their gut” and it lead to some pretty catastroph...

Your Advisors Will See You Now artwork

Career Chat: How to Become a Medical Assistant with Cindy Truesdale

Your Advisors Will See You Now - February 20, 2024 05:00 - 31 minutes ★★★★★ - 14 ratings
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the medical assistant profession "is projected to grow 14 percent from 2022 to 2032, much faster than the average for all occupations." Medical assistants are vital to the medical profession, as they wear many hats in the clinical setting. Their r...

Mama Tales artwork

a little update

Mama Tales - February 20, 2024 00:00 - 1 minute ★★★★★ - 2 ratings
It feels a little sad that I couldn't show up this week but things happen and I need to take a little pause See you next week

The PROPERTY DOCTORS, Sydney Australia Novak Properties artwork


The PROPERTY DOCTORS, Sydney Australia Novak Properties - February 19, 2024 23:00 - 12 minutes ★★★★★ - 1 rating
Imagine waking up to a flooded home and a $10,000 bill for repairs. That nightmare became a reality for a Sydney homeowner, and it could happen to you if your flexi-pipes fail. Our latest episode uncovers the silent threat of these plumbing parts, sharing a story that highlights the need for vig...

The Tami Gomez Podcast artwork

How to Make Better Decisions

The Tami Gomez Podcast - February 19, 2024 22:36 - 16 minutes
In this podcast episode, Tami Gomez discusses the importance of decision making and the factors that influence our choices. She emphasizes the need to get into alignment before taking action and explores how external events can impact our alignment. Tami highlights the tendency to prioritize oth...

Elizabeth Seer: Personalities of the Tarot, Astrology, Intuition, and More artwork

February 20: Pisces, The Moon, 8 of Cups, Full Moon, Celebrity Birthdays & more!

Elizabeth Seer: Personalities of the Tarot, Astrology, Intuition, and More - February 19, 2024 20:32 - 19 minutes
Elizabeth talks about Pisces which is covered by The Moon in the major arcana of the tarot (February 19th/20th thru March 19th). There’s more for the period of the 8 of Cups (February 19/20 - 29th) which is the numbered card ruling the first third (or decan) of Pisces. We have the full Snow Moon ...

The Grayman Concept artwork

Valor and Vision: Inspired Motivation for Everyday Heroes

The Grayman Concept - February 19, 2024 20:09 - 32 minutes ★★★★★ - 49 ratings
We explore the impact of wisdom and motivational statements on personal and professional development.#Grayman #podcast   Drawing upon lessons learned from the discipline, leadership, courage, and teamwork inherent in military service, this episode offers listeners a series of powerful, motivati...

Declare Victory Prayer Call artwork

Surrender | Jacqueline Richmond-Dillard | Monday 02.19.23 | Join Us 6AM PST Monday-Friday

Declare Victory Prayer Call - February 19, 2024 20:09 - 1 hour ★★★★ - 1 rating
Welcome to #february2024 #surrender #declarevictory style. Where community meets reality and we do life FROM #victory not FOR it! We win if we dont quit! Join us daily, for #encouragement #inspiration #motivation and #lifeapplication #practical #tools to do life from the inside out! We #pray #pr...

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If You Can't Win, We Can help. EP130

Casino Kombat - February 19, 2024 19:27 - 57 minutes ★★★★★ - 14 ratings
The Ramblin Gambler answers questions from the squad (15:50), before revisiting a baseball based casino wisdom (35:42). In a results segment (41:44), TRG reviews results for a week of gambling, before adjourning to the Virtual VP Lounge (47:06) where he explains he has met an alien named Kee-n't...

So You Want to be a Writer artwork

WRITER 590 : Jamelle Wells on going bush for 'The Outback Court Reporter'.

So You Want to be a Writer - February 19, 2024 19:00 - 54 minutes ★★★★★ - 32 ratings
Meet Jamelle Wells, author of The Outback Court Reporter. Both a newsreader and senior court reporter for ABC, Jamelle reveals the intricate and sometimes unexpected dynamics witnessed during her time covering diverse cases in city and rural courts. She chats about the cultural differences, comp...