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Governor's Budget Proposal / Improving Worker Safety / Establishing Earned Sick and Safe Time

Capitol Report - January 27, 2023 20:00 - 28 minutes ★★★★★ - 1 rating
Senator Erin Murphy, DFL-St. Paul, is the chief author of a bill that aims to improve the working conditions of workers at Amazon warehouses in Minnesota.  Senator Sandy Pappas, DFL-St. Paul, is the chief author of a bill that would require that all workers have access to paid time off.  The law...

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WCS Sports Connection (Coaches Show) Ep. 661

Williamson County Television - January 27, 2023 18:24 - 32 minutes ★★★★★ - 3 ratings
WCS Sports Connection (Coaches Show) Ep. 661 - Brentwood vs Centennial.  Hosted by WCS Athletic Director, Darrin Joines. (2023) Guests: Marcel Williams, Troy Bond, Bruce Hamilton, Jeremy Moore.

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WCS Sports Connection - Ep. #660

Williamson County Television - January 27, 2023 18:20 - 31 minutes ★★★★★ - 3 ratings
WCS Sports Connection - Ep. #660.  Tune in to WCS Sports Connection with Tate Matthews and Darrin Joines.

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Quincy Asian Resources - January 27, 2023

AM Quincy - January 27, 2023 17:22 - 19 minutes ★★★★★ - 2 ratings
Quincy Asian Resources Incorporated President & CEO Philip Chong, Program and Service Manager Tina Ho, and Youth Programs Leader Angela Chen provide details of the 35th annual Lunar New Year celebration, scheduled for February 5th from 11am to 4pm at North Quincy High School.  

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School Vouchers, Meat’s 2nd Chance, and a State Snafu

On Iowa Politics Podcast - January 27, 2023 16:57 - 56 minutes ★★★★ - 33 ratings
On this week’s edition of the On Iowa Politics podcast: the private school financial aid bill is now state law, meat gets a second chance, the medical malpractice debate is back, and a state snafu has local governments scrambling. On Iowa Politics is a weekly news and analysis podcast that aims...

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January 27, 2023 - District Attorney Jacalyn LaBre

Be My Guest - January 27, 2023 16:06 - 27 minutes ★★★★★ - 5 ratings
January 27, 2023 - District Attorney Jacalyn LaBre

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Stream It // Showtime

Quicksie Podcasts - January 27, 2023 15:45 - 2 minutes ★ - 1 rating
Last weekend at the box officeA Man Called Otto $8.8MMissing $9.2MM3GAN $9.7MPuss in Boots: The Last Wish $11.8MAvatar: The Way of Water $20.1M Not much…

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Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act

Quicksie Podcasts - January 27, 2023 14:27 - 5 minutes ★ - 1 rating
Maria Cantu from the Kentucky Career Center shares details about the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act having up to $6000 for qualified individuals training. artwork

Let's Talk About Sundance - January 27, 2023 14:00 - 1 hour
Jersey and I talk about my Sundance Film Festival experience and why I encourage everyone to go.  We get into the cost, some racism I did experience, and the access you actually have to celebrities. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor...

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Early Session Observations

Conduit Street Podcast - January 27, 2023 14:00 - 34 minutes ★★★★★ - 26 ratings
On the latest episode of the Conduit Street Podcast, Brianna January joins Kevin Kinnally and Michael Sanderson to discuss the latest news and notes from Annapolis, including a first look at Governor Moore's fiscal 2024 budget, the General Assembly's newly minted budget authority, and other odds...

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From Paralysis to Bitcoin with Kale Hyder

What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack - January 27, 2023 13:33 - 1 hour - ★★★★★ - 1.9K ratings
“When we made that drive home, we got home, we got in the driveway. And when we were in the driveway I was crying because it was a realisation that, at that point, I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to accomplish in those six weeks where I thought I was just going to walk out.” — Kale Hyder Kale...

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Local Sports Update 1/27/23

Quicksie Podcasts - January 27, 2023 12:55 - 2 minutes ★ - 1 rating
Local sports sponsored by Elizabethtown Community and Technical College.

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AM Quincy - January 27, 2023

AM Quincy - January 27, 2023 11:37 - 9 minutes ★★★★★ - 2 ratings
Early Voting, New Red Line delays, Library Centennial.  Daily news, weather and sports update. 

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Resistance TV: Peter Ford

Resistance TV - January 27, 2023 11:30 - 41 minutes
Resistance TV | Peter Ford "The Silencing of Anti-NATO Voices in Britain" Formed in 1949 with the signing of the Washington Treaty, NATO is a security alliance of 30 countries from North America and Europe. NATO's fundamental goal is to safeguard the Allies' freedom and security by political an...

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Politics Unboxed LIVE On XpressionFM - 26.01.2023

Politics Unboxed - January 27, 2023 07:30 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 1 rating
LIVE on XpressionFM on Thursday 26th of January, 2023: this is Politics Unboxed! --- Send in a voice message:

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Ep. 022 CBA History with Conrad Dreher and Jake Kunken

Colorado Bowhunters Association Podcast - January 27, 2023 07:00 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 8 ratings
This week we have a CBA Legend, Conrad Dreher.  Conrad, a 4th generation Coloradan,  has been an active member of the CBA since 1979.  In his 4+ decades with the CBA Conrad has held nearly every position in the organization, serving as area rep in the 1970s and Chairman in the 1990s Conrad has s...

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David Crosby’s Moved On

The Truth of the Matter - January 27, 2023 06:00 - 45 minutes
In this special episode, award-winning best-selling author Steve Silberman (“Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity”) joins the podcast to talk about the passing of his close friend, singer-songwriter David Crosby last week at 81. Over the past several years, Silberman...

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A Closer Look at the National Sales Tax Proposal

Tax Notes Talk - January 27, 2023 05:00 - 31 minutes ★★★★ - 74 ratings
Tax Notes Capitol Hill reporter Doug Sword discusses the latest national sales tax proposal in Congress, and contributing editor Robert Goulder shares his thoughts on the challenges of implementing the tax. For additional coverage, read these articles in Tax Notes: Perspective: The Orgy of No...

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The behaviour was inappropriate but it still did not amount to serious misconduct

VLGA Connect - January 27, 2023 02:00 - 38 minutes
Topics making the TGU discussion list this week include the pending appointment of monitors to the City of Greater Geelong; council media policies make news; an arbiter finding of misconduct reactivates discussion about acceptable robust political debate; and more of the news of the week from ar...

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Are you born-again or a believer? Belief is not faith. Even the demons believe and tremble.

Kingdom Dynamics Podcast - January 27, 2023 01:36 - 13 minutes
Ensure you are born-again into a living hope. 🔥 🔥 🔥book 🔥 watch 🔥 listen 🔥 @kingdomdy

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Robert Hansen, Investigative Journalist, Discusses The Problematic Facets Of Family Court

Slam the Gavel - January 26, 2023 21:34 - 59 minutes ★★ - 3 ratings
Slam the Gavel welcomes Robert Hansen to the podcast to discuss the inner workings of the Family Court System. How does Domestic Violence lead to children and women being seriously injured or killed and why is this being overlooked by the courts.     Cases are going on a lot longer than anticip...

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0-35 Gnostic No More – Cherith Fee Nordling (5/6)

Impact Nations Podcast - January 26, 2023 21:00 - 7 minutes ★★★★★ - 14 ratings
"Gnostic No More" – Dr. Cherith Fee Nordling describes the ancient heresy of Gnosticism and how it's anti-material/anti-body teachings have infected and affected modern Christianity.  (Part 5 in a 6-part conversation with Dr. Bradley Jersak).

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Episode #170, Inside New Mexico with Steve Pearce

Inside New Mexico with Steve Pearce - January 26, 2023 19:49 - 26 minutes ★★★★ - 13 ratings
In this week's episode of "Inside New Mexico," Steve talks about the ongoing corruption surrounding Joe and Hunter Biden, the classified documents found in Biden's garage, the drug crisis taking over major cities, the legislative session and the Democrats' attacks on the oil and gas industry in ...

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Darel E. Paul on Drag Queens

First Things Podcast - January 26, 2023 19:44 - 35 minutes ★★★★★ - 562 ratings
In this episode, Darel E. Paul joins the podcast to talk about his article “Drag Queens” from the February issue. They discuss the Drag Queen phenomenon and its implications for the future of our nation.

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Radcliff Mayors Breakfast

Quicksie Podcasts - January 26, 2023 19:17 - 4 minutes ★ - 1 rating
Radcliff Mayor JJ Duvall invites the public to breakfast Saturday, January 28, 2023 at 9am at Colvin Community Center.  

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Ft. Knox Update 1/26/23

Quicksie Podcasts - January 26, 2023 19:13 - 4 minutes ★ - 1 rating
Garrison Commander Col. Lance O’Bryan & FMWR Business Operations Division Cory Baxter talk about:-Winter Wibit Pool Party-Right Arm Night Social and West Sixth Brewing Sampling-Virtual…

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Entitled Millennials - January 26, 2023 19:00 - 1 hour
In this episode of his "Thinking Out Loud" series, Double D analyzes an interview with John Bellamy Foster, where he discusses his new book, 'Capitalism in the Anthropocene', and his arguments for how capitalism is the driving force behind climate change. Double D analyzes some of the contradict...

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A Mormon Conversion Story

First Things Podcast - January 26, 2023 18:59 - 28 minutes ★★★★★ - 562 ratings
On this episode, Jeremy Christiansen joins Mark Bauerlein to discuss his new book, "From the Susquehanna to the Tiber: A Memoir of Conversion from Mormonism to the Roman Catholic Church."