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The Perfect Score

C&C Sports Show - November 14, 2019 07:29 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 3 ratings
In the tenth episode, Stacey and Natasha discuss Colin Kaepernick's private workout for NFL teams, followed by Paul Geroge's return, Dave Fizdale and the state of the New York Knicks, injuries to star NBA players and Lamar Jackson vs. Russell Wilson. The duo ends the episode with two topics surr...

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043 The Perfect Score (2004)

High School Slumber Party - March 01, 2019 04:01 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 17 ratings
Hope you brought your #2 pencil! Returning guest Erika W. Smith stops by to chat about The Perfect Score, a film about an S.A.T. heist! Everyone's hero Chris Evans stars alongside Scarlett Johansson (no, this is not a Marvel film), Erika Christensen, Matthew Lillard, and others. Brian and Erika w...
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Episode #23 - The Perfect Score

Reel Rotten - May 22, 2018 08:21 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 31 ratings
Do you remember your SAT score, or are you trying to actively forget it? Well your living in the past and/or dwelling on the past is almost over. A movie about the test that test that you've likely moved on from is the cure. So start the timer, get your number 2 Ticonderoga pencil and fill in tho...
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Building The Perfect Score For A Micro-Budget Feature With Matthew Lyall

Show Don't Tell: Micro-Budget Filmmaking - January 26, 2018 18:59 - 1 hour
In recent years production value in micro-budget films has skyrocketed thanks to more affordable cinema cameras and post-production tools. Even still, one of the remaining issues that still plagues indie filmmakers with regards to production value is the musical score. For many micro-budget film...
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Ep 6: Eimear Noone’s Quest for the Perfect Score

Inspirefest: The Podcast - November 20, 2017 11:24 -
In our sixth episode, host Claire O’Connell talks to the woman behind the epic soundtracks to beloved blockbuster video games. Eimear Noone has composed and conducted music for some of the world’s most iconic games, including World of Warcraft, The Legend of Zelda and Overwatch. In this interview...
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Ep. 305: The Perfect Score (w/ Nick Gereffi)

3 Day Rental - November 03, 2017 01:00 - 1 hour ★★★★ - 20 ratings
Nick Gereffi (@nickjustsaid) returns to discuss standardized testing, oversexualization of teens, shouting down crows, and THE PERFECT SCORE.
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The Perfect Score

Heritage Valley Bible Church - August 14, 2016 18:29 - 44 minutes ★★★★★ - 1 rating
Jesus earned a perfect score in the realm of life, and he gives it to those who have failed, and who trust him by faith.
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#127 – Games: Shaq vs. Carrot Top, The Perfect Score, Jacob’s Ladder

CineReeLists - May 29, 2015 13:33 ★★★★★ - 29 ratings
James tries to bring down Best Buy and we argue about who is more recognizable, Carrot Top or Shaquille O’Neal, plus retry the musical game The Perfect Score (spoiler: it works way better this time) and play a short round of Jacob’s Ladder. Subscribe: iTunes / RSS Have a film suggestion you think...
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#109 – Games: The Perfect Score, Clueless

CineReeLists - March 13, 2015 04:13 - 56 minutes ★★★★★ - 29 ratings
James and Zach try out two new movie games, and invent the most annoying game in the world in the process. Subscribe: iTunes / RSS / Stitcher Have a film suggestion you think we’ve never seen and want us to discuss on the show? Send your pick to [email protected] and one of us WILL watch i...
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Laser Time – The Perfect Score

Laser Time - September 30, 2014 20:46 ★★★★★ - 1.4K ratings
Game reviews are stupid, except when they’re not. The Laser Time gang takes a look back at their highest review scores to see how they stack up today… DOWNLOAD RSS  |  iTunes  |  Zune  | Facebook  | Twitter LASER TIME... Read more
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