The Doctor's House Podcast Episodes

Written by Ann Beattie

2 Episodes - 288 pages - ★★★ - 158 ratings

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Nerd's Domain presents Masks of Nyarlathotep artwork

Ep. 181: Scuffle in the Doctor's House

Nerd's Domain presents Masks of Nyarlathotep - June 01, 2019 15:00 - 1 hour ★★★★★ - 10 ratings
In this episode, our commandos break into the doctor's house looking for clues as to what's going on. Meanwhile, half of the group takes the doctor out into the middle of nowhere to cover the break in. Starring Ed Maudlin as Captain Jack McKenzie - Canadian Sniper Cullen Bricker as Levon Fis...
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GO HUNT LIFE artwork

E026 ER Physician Moves to Ethiopia and Back to Reinvent the Doctor's House Call - Jeremy Gabrysch

GO HUNT LIFE - December 13, 2016 11:00 - 39 minutes ★★★★★ - 50 ratings
Jeremy Gabrisch and his wife Christina had always dreamed of living abroad. He was an ER Physician in Austin TX when he and his wife visited Ethiopia to pick up their newly adopted son. They returned home to Austin, sold everything they owned and jumped back on another flight to move there perma...
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